From above or beyond

Worth a thousand words. true.


the vibe. not the duck.

We don't use 'vibe' to sound cool, we do it so your product, your people, car or showroom are a reflection of what message you wish to convey. Think excitement, think innovation, progress and a glimpse of the future ... happening now. 

British photographer Alex Harris and Belgian photographer Tim Briers both offer just that: a gateway to thousand words with a simple click. Oh and they have quite some experience in  the EV and charging industry. Enough to click at the right moment.

Hello world

We're here to help you grow heroes.

Hero shot

For the record, we did not invent the phrase, it is very common in photography. Those are shots purposely made to convey meaning, impact or illustrate what using your product means. The goal? Make people talk or take action, make them relate. The rest is up to you.

Oh, we shot many heroes.


Sometimes you need to take a distance from things to put them in perspective. With drone photography you can approach your car, your charging station, your people, building or factory differently while still keeping focus on your goals. 

Yes, Tim is an experienced drone pilot.


Too little we see people use a car or a charging station. The focus is always on the product, while the end-user is hardly in the picture. As an EV and a charging station are an integral part of the energy hub that your building is, it is pivotal that you show to what extent that is, by showing the user working with your product. Not necessarily models, no, real-life stuff people can relate with.

Enter Alex, experienced people photographer.