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Fuel the electric future

The car and charging station industry have finally lifted off to mark this decade as the one embracing electric mobility. However, despite that promising and exciting outlook, still many brands focus on a conservative and classic approach, which make it hard to convince the average driver to shift from fossil to electric. Meet eeveez, a digital creation collective that helps car manufacturers, car concessions, salespeople, charging station manufacturers to better understand their future target audience and translate that into content that matters. 

Our creative skill set

EV Market Copywriting


Photo- & videography


(c) Tim Briers, Mercedes EQS interior 2022

convince. listen.

not brag.

With quite some experience in the EV industry and a vast network of stakeholders, we know of the hurdles to overcome, of the prejudices to tackle or the values that really matter to the end-user. We don't do data mining to get the gist, we talk. We listen and we translate to the local market. It's absolutely pointless to advertise in how many seconds you reach 100 km/h if your target group is not interested in powerhouses. It's unnecessary to invest in advertising on charging speed while the grid is better off with slower charging or when local taxation regulation punishes high power consumption. So yeah, that matters. Discover what we offer and get in touch.

simplicity to cover complexity. 



Take your product, your service or a user's experience to the next level, by visualising what you aim for. Picture what makes your product stand out and translate into a mesmerizing eye-catcher on screen and on paper. 

Or let us handle it. No problem.


Crazy to think that most charging station manufacturers only have manuals for installers, not the end-user. How to use the app from an end-user perspective, not an engineer's perspective?

Let's test and write for you.


Or level up the experience by shooting a video that shows the product in- & outside, that shows your services, you, you explaining things, testing things, taking someone on a tour. Anything is possible. What we provide?


turn concession into emobility center.

Car concessions are on the brink of a major change. Online presence and ordering processes are impacting classic showroom concepts. Be ahead of the change and turn your concession into an emobility expertise center. 

We guide you along the way.

short/long copy, dtp.

A brochure for a concession, a car brand, charging station, short eye-catching visuals for socials, messages that differ from the mainstraim agencies, long copy (whitepapers) on any topic related to green mobility, climate, impact, you name it.

Designed and written by EV enthusiasts.

training and lecture.

Training on emobility, use of charging infrastructure, climate, preparing companies and employees for emobility, local regulation, optimal use of an electric vehicle, etc.

You name it.

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